My first foray in using AI for business saved me two hours today!

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

I wanted to share the incredible experience I had recently while utilizing AI for the first time in my business. The efficiency and time-saving capabilities it offered were truly impressive, and I believe this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach complex tasks.

First, I had to tackle a particularly intricate question regarding an SEO campaign for one of our clients. Typically, providing a comprehensive answer to such a query would have taken me at least an hour of research, analysis, and formulation. However, with the assistance of AI, I was able to generate a well-structured response in just a matter of minutes. The accuracy and depth of the information it provided were outstanding, and it saved me a significant amount of time while ensuring that our client received a well-informed and timely response.

The second task that truly showcased the value of AI was when I was asked to review a draft letter for an associate. The letter aimed to initiate a response from government officials, and traditionally, this process would have been quite time-consuming. However, AI enabled me to review and refine the draft within a mere 10 minutes. Not only did it expedite the review process, but it also allowed me to provide two alternative sample letters as feedback, which greatly enriched the quality of our communication. The time savings in this case were substantial, freeing up at least an hour for me to allocate to other critical tasks.

The potential of AI to enhance productivity and efficiency is abundantly clear. It’s more than just a time-saver; it’s a game-changer in how we approach complex tasks and problem-solving. I’m excited about the possibilities AI offers and the positive impact it can have on our work processes.

Looking forward to blogging this further and exploring how we can leverage AI to optimize our workflows!

Update: I completed one more task today and used AI to complete it. I used it to help make this blog post and the image for it!