Dragons Den Application!

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Adventure | 0 comments

The Compact Reliable Fire Striker, QUICK-FIRE, is my most recent project. Last summer, after enjoying teaching dozens of outdoor women at a BCWF function,

how to light a fire with no matches, I partnered up with bush crafter Darryl Thomson, to make Canada’s best fire striker. QUICK-FIRE – is now available in two versions. The stand alone version will most likely be used by many backpackers to light backpacker stoves. The second version, the complete QUICK-FIRE Fatwood Kit is a perfect survival product that should be in every glove box of every Jeep on the road! The fire striker kit is a ‘kit’, because it includes a long lasting and easy to light fatwood stick that can be scraped with the striker to create a small pile of fatwood ‘fluff’ for getting flame quickly after it is ignited with molten metal falling onto it after each strike of the QUICK-FIRE..

The fatwood is a recovered pine or fir wood product, saturated with pitch. Coincidentally, I believe our fatwood will be BC’s most recent and innovative forest product. It is harvested from old stumps that are left behind after British Columbia foresters cut the trees. QUICK-FIRE is a fine outdoor product, Made In Canada!

Today we just received the first draft of our packaging card that has all the instructions and information on it. After the French translation of the card is complete and final edits are made, I will reach out to outdoor stores across North America looking for preorders of our fire striker. While we do not have sales yet, I  decided to apply to go on ‘Dragons Den’, with the hope of acquiring funds to help create a large inventory for 2025. It would be great to have the funds in early 2024 but that may not be likely so I will set my hopes for 2025. 

I will certainly update here as soon as I found out how the application was received.