Business Mentoring From a Guru

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

Began to build websites in 1999 and after moving back back to Kelowna, BC, and across Canada in 2002, have been in the digital marketing business since 2003.

I’ve found many challenges in breaking through to a business growth mentality with successful habits that enable me to make First Page Solutions a growing success. After seaking and hiring business mentors, coaches, partners, I found a company called Ugurus. They only mentor digital marketing companies that have a history and are ready to get to the next level. 

After an initial onboarding mentor meeting, I joined 10 other digital marketing agency owners from around the globe and completed our first of 4, 1 hour Zoom meetings. After that initial meeting this morning, I am loaded with homework and motivation to clear my desk of all projects and commit to a business journey that will allow me to achieve goals and have more time to enjoy life and family instead of only work and business!